Operation HAG: Configuration change to imap/pop/mail/ftp on 14 October 2009

Effective date: 
2009-10-14 13:00
Who is affected: 
Users of the e-mail and FTP services on the HAG shared hosting platform.
What will happen: 
On October 14, 2009, the e-mail and FTP services will be moved to a new server in order to improve their performance. It is important that you verify the configuration of your FTP and e-mail clients (Thunderbird, Outlook, etc.) so that they use the following hosts: * IMAP: imap.koumbit.net * POP: pop.koumbit.net * SMTP (envoi): smtp.koumbit.net * FTP: ftp.koumbit.net * IMAP (to download e-mail): imap.koumbit.net * POP (to download e-mail): pop.koumbit.net * SMTP (outgoing e-mail): smtp.koumbit.net * MX (domain configuration, if you manage your DNS using another DNS server): mail.koumbit.net * FTP (file transfers): ftp.koumbit.net On October 14 2009, these aliases will point to the new server. If you use these aliases, you will not need to to any further change afterwards. Normally, it would not be necessary to change your configuration. We have always recommended that you use those aliases in our technical guidelines (http://koumbit.org/en/support/technical_guidelines). However, we have noticed that many users are using hosts such as koumbit.org, youraccount.koumbit.org, yourdomaine.org or other hostnames in their e-mail and FTP clients, since this used to be possible. After October 14 2009, this will no longer be possible. In particular, the host koumbit.org may be migrated to another server in the following dates.
To improve the server performance. To prepare the server to a major upgrade of the hosting control pannel (AlternC).
Currently, the imap/pop/ftp services are rather slow since they are working via NFS (files are accessed through the network). They will therefore be moved to the file server directly.
If this intervention is too problematic for you or your organisation, <a href="http://koumbit.org/en/contact">please let us know</a> within 24h to see if we can arrange otherwise.