Operation Creation of maintenance windows for servers: Every 2nd and 4th Wednesday of the month

Effective date: 
2009-09-09 19:30
Who is affected: 
All the users of the shared hosting service (HAG), emails and websites alike.
What will happen: 
During this window, we will reboot some of our servers in order to replace their old kernel with a new and more secure one. Users may experience short service interruptions, during a period that will not exceed 10 minutes. For example, here are the next planned maintenance windows: * Wednesday 9 September 2009 * Wednesday 23 September 2009 * Wednesday 14 October 2009 * Wednesday 28 October 2009 * etc.
This is a routine maintenance intervention. Kernel updates will be applied as quickly as possible. We schedule such maintenance windows to make outages more predictable to our users. If a planned intervention is poised to exceed the 10 minute mark, we will post a special notice.
A system adminitrator will go to the data center and reboot the servers. This will also provide some time for the maintenance of shared servers.
If this intervention is too problematic for you or your organisation, please let us know within 24h to see if we can arrange otherwise. You can get more information about this intervention at http://aegir.koumbit.net/en/comm, or subscribe to our Identica feed at http://identi.ca/group/koumbitsysadmin